BMSE started in Ashland Oregon in 1986. The expos have always maintained an equal emphasis on natural health, personal growth and metaphysics. Our events balance local participation with the inclusion of a selection of the finest regional and national names in the holistic arena. Rapdily expanding in the late 1980s to all of the largest markets in the pacific northwest, the early 1990s saw BMSE create expos throughout the southeast of the USA.

Steve Strickland founded Middle Kingdom Productions LLC, the parent company of BMSE, over 30 years ago. Merging his background in political campaign management with his experience as an exhibitor at gem and jewelry shows during the early 1980s, he strives to produce consistent events which reflect positively on the holistic community generally and the company specifically.

BMSE has continuously honed our events to cater to the metaphysical and alternative health communities. Keeping abreast of the latest products, speakers and overall trends in the holistic movement has allowed our events to remain relevent and well attended over the past three decades. BMSE has grown into the largest national series of expos in the holistic field.