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The Summit Lighthouse of Portland
Tigard, OR

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The Summit Lighthouse is an international organization founded by the Ascended Masters Saint Germain and El Morya in 1958 to spread the teachings of the Masters for the Aquarian age. The Ascended Masters are immortal spiritual beings such as Jesus, Mary, Buddha and Confucius who have graduated from this earthly schoolroom, completed their reincarnations and are now helping mankind to advance into a golden age of culture and enlightenment. The Ascended Masters teachings help us achieve positive qualities such as joy, peace and love while at the same time eliminating negative qualities such as conflict, hate and anxiety. They help us finish our reincarnation, pass our tests, fulfill our “Divine Plan” and make our “Ascension” in the light, joining their ranks so we can, in turn, help earth’s evolutions. A key element of the Masters’ teachings is the Violet Flame, a high frequency spiritual energy which assists people to transmute their karma, raise their vibration, achieve increased joy and energy and advance much more rapidly on the spiritual path. Subjects for study include such diverse topics as karma, the abundant life, reincarnation, spiritual psychology, angels, twin flames, the Ascension and cosmic consciousness, The masters’ teachings have been released since 1958 through distinguished lecturers and authors Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. For more information, please email: paull@hei.net or call 1800-245-5445; summitlghthouse.org


September 29-30, 2018

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Oregon Convention Center (Hall E),
777 NE Martin Luther King Blvd

Weekend Admission $12


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