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Paranormal Talks
Denver, CO

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Paranormal Talks is here to educate and help you to awaken to your spiritual heritage. Near Death Experiencer, Mr. Ian Mattinson, comments via our YouTube channel: “We Near Death Experiencers (NDEers) have brought back our experiences to share love from beyond this dimension and witness how our experience is affecting this dimension with healing. Further, I chose to come back to witness the great awakening of mankind, the evolution of awareness, love, and light.” In Western cultures, paranormal-supernatural phenomena include many areas of study and research. The phenomena include: Remote Viewing, PSI, Mediumship, ET abduction, Afterlife contacts, ghosts and more. These phenomena have stood at the core of religious traditions across cultures and centuries. Our paranormal experiences indicate our human consciousness is greater than the brain and broader than its physical appearance; and that life cannot be measured by physical, scientific, or mechanistic beliefs and theories. Paranormal phenomena and our discoveries tell us we continue to exist, joyously and freely, in other dimensional levels even when we are in our bodies. Each phenomenon strives to awaken us from our slumber and into remembering that we are magnificent spiritual beings and that something tremendously loving is always by our side.


March 15-17, 2019

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Denver Mart,
451 E 58th Ave

Admission $7


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