Booth #1

Cinnamon Mancini, Spiritual Medium

Cinnamon Mancini

Evidential Spiritualist Medium

Booth #2

Graceful Awakenings

Paul Caire

Clairvoyant Readings

Booth #3

Aluna Michaels, Esoteric Astrologer

Aluna Michaels

Esoteric Astrologer

Booth #4

Kathy K Coaching

Kathy Kehe

Professional Heart-Centered Life Coach

Booth #5

Terry Hatton, Clairvoyant Psychic M

Terry Hatton

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

Booth #6

European Psychic Lai

Lai Ubberud

Past Lives & Psychic Readings

Booth #7

Psychic Amante

chris slaney

Tarot Card Reader

Booth #8

Molly MacCartney

Molly MacCartney

Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Direction

Booth #9

Annie Radzus

Intuitive/Medium, Akashic Records,Trance Channel

Booth #10

Deb Monteleone RN

Deb Monteleone

Intuitive Life Consultant

Booth #11

Coast to Coast Natural

Tiffany Rodriguez

Oliver's Harvest

Booth #12

Lady of the Lake

Patricia Valentine

Booth #101


Dennis Woods

Products for a Healthier Way of Life and Beautiful Jade jewelry

Booth #102



Infrared Gemstone Mats & Devices

Booth #103

The Energy Nurse

Carolyn Green RN CHTP

Crystal, Stone jewelry, book, angel cards

Booth #104

You Rock Crystals

Kathi Wahls

rocks crystals gemstone jewelry

Booth #105

Wolf Treasures

Gene Corn

Complete Metaphysical Shop on Wheels

Booth #106

Balanced and Boujee

Georgina Chavez

Booth #108

Indian Vedic Palm & Psychic

Lali S. Kakar

Indian Vedic Oracle

Booth #112

Readings by Laura

Laura Moody

Psychic Readings, Crystals, Jewelry, Stones

Booth #113

Avalon Trading Company

Digby Bertram

Metaphysical Jewelry and Crystals

Booth #115

Cocolene Natural Products

Sajata Stephane

Cocolene Natural Organic Products

Booth #116
Booth #117
Booth #118

A Mystics Garden

Jan Petrie

Angelic Art & Crystal Wands

Booth #119

The Venetian Medium

Shirley Smolko

Psychic & Mediumistic Readings

Booth #120
Booth #121

F.Ms Aromatherapy AROMATANTRA

Dr. Ravi Ratan

Chakra Anointments & Aromatherapy Oils For SKIN, HAIR & WELLNESS

Booth #122

Green Mantis LLC

Greg Good

Green Mantis Hemp

Booth #123
Booth #125


Mini Kaur

Clothing, Tapestries, Belly Dance Costumes, Bags & Statues

Booth #126


Margaret Hammond

Magickal Offerings

Booth #127

Dope Minerals

Gina Scorza

Booth #128

My Enchanted Path

Susan Williams

My Enchanted Path

Booth #129
Booth #130

Aura Photos by Judy

Judy Lekic

Aura Photography

Booth #132


Mini Kaur

Clothing, Tapestries, Belly Dance Costumes, Bags & Statues

Booth #133
Booth #134

Rhythmic Medicine

Janalea Hoffman

Booth #135

Miracle Nutritional Products

Stacy Self


Booth #136

Asyra Pro BioEnergetic System

Mary Pritchard

Asyra Pro Bioenergetic screening

Booth #137


Norm Lemke

Voxxlife Human Performance Technology

Booth #139

The Chakra Sisters

Susan Griffith

Jewelry & Watches

Booth #140

Psychic Readings By Jill

Doreena Nicholas

Booth #141

OM Botanical Best Organic Skin Care

Sudhir M. Shah

Best Organic Skin Care

Booth #142

The Vein Institute

Paula Latkovich

Booth #143

The Power to Change Reality

Pamela Latour

“The Angel Project” are prints of breathtaking Divinity. This Sacred Feminine inspires anyone that gazes into her eyes. These beautiful replicas are the perfect reminder that we’re not alone. Painted by Pamela Latour and soaked in color, the intention and the end result is to envelope the observer in love.

Booth #111

Connection 2 Spirit

Pamela Kramer

Holistic Gifts, Raku & Gemstones

Booth #144

Past Life Regressionist, Author

Patricia McGivern

Patricia's books for sale

Booth #145

Dawn Lynn

Dawn Lynn

EveryDay Medium

Booth #147

Santa Monica Honey

Monica Obando

Local Raw Honey

Booth #150

Living the Crystal Life Inc.

Catherine Costello

Tools to Heal Your World

Booth #151

Living the Crystal Life Inc.

Catherine Costello

Tools to Heal Your World

Booth #152


Josh Brotherton / Nadine Muhammad


Booth #13

Sharon Sampsel

Sharon Sampsel

Psychic Sharon Sampsel!

Booth #14

Psychic Medium Julie Toth

Julie Toth

Psychic medium Julie toth

Booth #15

Barry Helm

Barry Helm

Psychic, Channel, Bodyworker, Healer

Booth #16

SkyDance Astrology

Charlene R. Johnson

Soul's Purpose Astrology Readings



January 26-27, 2019

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Florida St Fairgrounds, Events Center,
4800 US Hwy 301 North

Weekend Admission $12


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