Booth #1

5th Dimension Healing-Dewey Meyer

Dewey Meyer

Energy Shifting and Clearing

Booth #2

Kris Gibbs

Kris Gibbs

Angelic Channeled Tarot Readings

Booth #3

Henna Designs, Prayers To Wear

Renu Lal


Booth #4

Reveal Your Life Purpose Through Hand Analysis

Nicole Crawford

Hand Analysis

Booth #5

Leslie Fonteyne

Leslie Fonteyne

Life Transformation, Energetic Clearing

Booth #6


Psychic Medium Akashic Records Channel

Booth #7

Readings by Mark Freeman

Mark Freeman

Readings by Mark Freeman

Booth #8

Its in the Numbers!

Sharon Hoery

Numbers Tell Your Story!

Booth #9

Pet's Point of View

Ute Luppertz

Animal Communication - Healing - Consulting

Booth #10

Dr. Della Parker, Naturopath

Dr. Della Parker

Naturopathic Doctor

Booth #11

Emergent Pathways Through Art

Jamie Rogers

Shamanic Art Therapy

Booth #12

Tara Rose Astrologer

Tara Trotchie

Western Astrology

Booth #13

The Intuitive Nutritionista

Janet Doerr

Janet Doerr, Intuitive Nutritionista

Booth #15 Psychic Medium

Hollee Haas Psychic Medium

Psychic Readings, Life Coaching, Medium

Booth #16
Booth #17



Intuitive Reader, Teacher, Speaker

Booth #18

Mystic Connections

June Lundgren

Readings by June Lundgren

Booth #19

Lighted Bridge Communications

Susan Larison Danz

Intuitive coaching

Booth #20

Kathleen - Local Reader


Kathleen - Local Reader

Booth #21

Police Psychic

Cimi Gates

Psychic for Police

Booth #110

School of Intuitive Living

Kawena Charlot

School of Intuitive Living

Booth #114

Awaken Your Future

Jacqueline Nichols

Intuitive Success Action Plan

Booth #115


Chris Flamm

Dianetics Stress Testing

Booth #116

True Frequency Pacific

Dustin John Little

Frequency Jewelry

Booth #117

Thai Temple Treasures

Megan Mitchell

Thai Macrame Jewelry

Booth #201

Beekeepers Daughter

Roberta MacKrill

Handmade Tinctures & Gifts

Booth #202

Grove of Stones - Invite Invoke Inspire

Tanya Pluth

Stones, crystals, and more.

Booth #203

Namaste Int. Medicine

Ben Narcisi, DC

NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)

Booth #205

Catfish Treasures

Michele Class

Cat Themed Giftware, jewelry, holiday themed items

Booth #206

The Travel Psychologist

Michael Brein

Travel Tales

Booth #211

Share International

Rich Teich

Booth #212
Booth #214

Aura Photos by Judy

Judy Lekic

Aura Photography

Booth #215

Dr. Christian von Lähr

Christian von Lahr

Clairvoyant Medium &Medical Intuitive

Booth #216

Sharon Sampsel

Sharon Sampsel

Psychic Sharon Sampsel!

Booth #217

Audrey's Emporium

Audrey Behnke

Music for Your Spirit & Gifts of Joy

Booth #220

Beekeepers Daughter

Roberta MacKrill

Handmade Tinctures & Gifts

Booth #301

Illumination Arts Publishing

John Thompson

Orgone Energy/Children's Books

Booth #302

Cherry Divine LLC

Cherry Divine

Cherry Divine

Booth #303

Divine Paws Pet Products

Michael Dodge

Booth #304

Rising Fire Shamanism

Elle Rosenthal & Rosemary Beam

Healing with Modern Shamanism

Booth #306

Wild WoodsTea

Angela Beckner

Booth #307

Share International

Rich Teich

Booth #313

Marilyn Lawrence

Marilyn Lawrence

Author-Speaker-Teacher-Soul's Light Ignitor

Booth #314

Creature Comforts

Jeri Hansen

Tibetan Sound Therapy Tools,Artifacts & Fine Clothing

Booth #315

Ravenscroft Escentials Oils

Ginger Ravencroft

Organic Theraputic Aromatherapy Oils

Booth #316


Sherrie Wirth

Booth #317

Vincent Genna, MSW, LLC

Vincent Genna, MSW

Vincent Genna Psychic Medium

Booth #318

Urbaca Salon

Sherry Okamura Leonard

Skincare Myth Magic Medicine

Booth #401

5th Dimension Healing-Dewey Meyer

Dewey Meyer

Energy Shifting and Clearing

Booth #402

Magic Massage Pro

Chris Chrenka

Booth #403

Dedrick Sprick

Dedrick Sprick

Tarot for Self Awareness

Booth #405

Vanderloo Chiropractic West

Rich Vanderloo

Spinal Condition Assessment

Booth #410

Destiny Artworks

Myra July

Booth #411

Crystal Clan

Nina Kirby

crystals, minerals, wands, Feathers

Booth #412


Dana Lundy

Dana, Joe, Terra - Energetic Healings, Intuitive Readings & Soul Mandalas. Mandala prints, Soul Mandalas, & Tarot Boxes (available for special order).

Booth #510

Whole Life Superfoods

Rok Caldwell

Super Food Products

Booth #511

Crystal Clan

Nina Kirby

crystals, minerals, wands, Feathers

Booth #512

Sacred Jewels

Sandy Evanstan

Booth #517

Success for the Soul

Sonia Miller, BA, MSW

Unleash Your Highest Potential!

Booth #607

Breathing Underwater

Julie Hopper

Author, Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive

Booth #609

Life Bliss Meditation

Muktha Ananda

Life Bliss Meditation

Booth #407

Romantic Alchemy

Tabatha Bird Weaver

Relationship Counseling: Karmic Healing

Booth #701

Mani Pureheart: Healer & Psychic

Mani Pureheart

World Class Healer/Psychic

Booth #702

Myo Buddy Products, LLC

Jason Auer-Sears

Booth #703

Fairy Gardens

Kayo Tokuda Huffman

Booth #705

Higher Brain Living®

Douglas Bingley and Dianne Fouts

New Brain New Life

Booth #707

White Wolf Healing

Jake Wheeler

Booth #709

Salon de Jyorei

Bobby Okuda

Shumei, Health, Happiness, Harmony

Booth #710

Psychic Broadband by Ruth Elan

Ruth Elan

Ruth Elan channeling GEN (gestalt of spirits)

Booth #22

Deborah Ritter

Deborah Ritter

Akashic Record Readings

Booth #23

Candia Sanders - Beyond Z

Candia Sanders

Medical Intuitive. Readings, Author

Booth #24

Dave Markowitz

Dave Markowitz

Medical Intuition for HSPs

Booth #101

Karen Snodgrass Coaching, LLC

Karen Snodgrass

The Power of Possibility

Booth #102

Lampa Mountain Community

Sara Donna

Bringing community to you

Booth #103

Cards for Living Foundation

Francine James

Inspiration for beautiful living.

Booth #104

The Urantia Book Fellowship

Thomas Orjala

A New Vision for Humanity

Booth #105

Summit Lighthouse Portland

Douglas King

Teachings of the Ascended Masters

Booth #106

Access Consciousness The Bars

Amelia Cohn

Access Consciousness the Bars



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Saturday 10-7, Sunday 11-6

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777 NE Martin Luther King Blvd

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