Among the great benefits of exhibiting at BMSE is a chance to give a 40 minute presentation. We promote these talks through our dynamic website from the day you upload your content! With your purchase of a booth, one lecture time is included from the available schedule. You cannot charge for people to attend your lecture, nor do we pay speakers for these 40 minute lectures. These talks offer an amazing way to engage with potential clients and share knowledge.

Occassionally we include non-exhibiting presenters within our expos. An application fee of $295 applies, but it allows people to access our expo's marketing reach without having to staff a booth for the entire weekend. Note when you submit the form for Presenting, you join our database, it does not guarantee you a lecture time. 

Submission Information

You can now place all of your information directly onto the website. Refer to the User's Guides, simply click on "Exhibit" at the top of the page, scroll down to 2. Admin Guide for Adding Booth/ Lecture Details and click on the Blue arrow icon, then follow instructions. Having a complete Profile page will set you up for success at the Expo!

For your lecture to appear on our website, we require: Professional Color Photograph of presenter submitted as a .JPG file at no less than 150 DPI.

75 word description which integrates subject of lecture with biographical information about the speaker. Please use complete sentences (no bullet points) and standard grammar and capitalization. We suggest you write your description in active voice and avoid using rhetorical questions.

3-4 word lecture title (not to exceed 30 characters)


All submitted materials will be edited for style, length, form and content. Due to volume of submissions, our edited copy is final and not open for revision. Most materials will receive extensive editing.