Spiritual Medium Rhonda

Room No: 17

A Spiritual Medium & Soul Portraits
Hampton, VA

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Evidential Spiritual psychic Medium & Spirit Guided artist Rhonda blends Art, Music, and Mediumship. Connecting with both your loved ones, your team and hers Rhonda channels only the highest vibrations for the greatest good of the sitter. Because of her LOVE for music, many call her “the music medium”. It is not uncommon for her to start singing during a reading/ sitting as spirit often communicates with her through song. Services offered include Psychic and Medium readings, Tarot - 3 card readings, Finger/thumb Analysis (palmistry). Her art services include original One-Of-A-Kind Soul Portraits. Both the three-color snapshot & the full Soul Portraits are exquisite treasures that tell your soul's stories by revealing a snapshot of your heart's desires, your untapped potential, and even forgotten information from your higher self. Through meditation these images can help you weave a road map to further healing, helping you understand on a deeper level and may even help your Spirit expand to the next level. Discover your heart's desire and your true essence through these Illuminating Soul stories through these Intuitive Art Soul Portraits. Uncover information about a specific problem or an overall look at your beautiful inner self. What is your higher self-saying?


June 22-23, 2019

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Florida St Fairgrounds, Events Center,
4800 US Hwy 301 North

Admission $12


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