Chee Vue (Master Shaman PaLiChee)

Room No: 111

Brooklyn Center, MN

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Show Special: Spiritual Reading/Healing $68/20 Mins., Personalize HuPlig (Soul Calling) $68, Combined Service $125.


Come and request the source from the Universe to bring you a right to your highest good, deepened wellness, elongate your longevity through experiencing..... a Soul Calling Ritual with a blessed white string, Qi energy healing, Ancient tarot life card readings, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching, Intuitive accupunture, Blessed misc items, Manifesting handcrafted Candles, Energy Healing Balms, Healing Henna art and more! Stop by and get free on-the-spot insight without a doubt! Let's crush those negative thoughts that have limit you from becoming the Best You as this is "Where Manifesting Comes To Life." Presenting in Room 2 - Master Shaman PaLiChee will be giving a free workshop with Intuitive Life Coaching gallery diagnosis/reading along with a group Shamanic Healing demo to bring you into a trance state experience you will remember! Join us and awaken even more to where true miracles happen.

Minneapolis (St. Paul)

April 23-24, 2022

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Minnesota State Fairgrounds-North End Event Center,
1265 Snelling Avenue North

Daily Admission $12
Weekend Admission $12


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