Jason Antalek

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Akashaman - Jason Antalek
Littleton, CO

Accessing the Akashic Records

Spiritual Seekers: There is a wealth of wisdom just beyond the edge of your consciousness. If you are deeply invested in your spiritual development and growth or feel as if there are puzzle pieces of understanding still missing, you are ready to access the Akashic Records and transcend the confinement of most people's third-dimensional perspective on life! You may wonder why, in spite of all we know about spiritual growth, meditation, and the Law of Attraction, some people - perhaps yourself included - still cannot seem to create the human experience they want. You know we're the powerful Creators of our experience. You know we are Divine Beings. The Akashic Records offer us all the information we could ever wish for about the Divine nature of the Soul, our Soul Purpose, our Divine Gifts, and our path of spiritual evolution.


November 20-21, 2021

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-7

Sharonville Convention Center,
11355 Chester Rd

Admission $15


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