Sue McShane

Room No: 104

BioMat Store
Fort Collins, CO

Show Special: Free 20 minute foot massage with biomat session!.


The BioMat is an amethyst crystal heating pad that generates far infrared rays and negative ions. The BioMat has many healing benefits including deep relaxation, stress relief, relief of chronic pain, back pain, headaches, insomnia, neuropathy, and fibromyalgia. Using the BioMat on a regular basis also reduces inflammation, removes toxins and boosts the immune system. Far infrared rays penetrate 6-8 inches into the body improving circulation and rejuvenating cells.


September 24-26, 2021

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center,
15500 E 40th Ave

Admission $8


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