Cherie Winquist, Peter Wisla

Room No: 509

WillowRokk Coterie
Star Lake, WI

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Schedule an Energy Healing session with Cherie, HIA certified Energy Healing practitioner. You can also schedule a Sound Attunement session with Peter, Sound Healing and meditation guide. Call 715-891-9093 or email us at willowrokk@gmail.com with your preferred day and time of the event. Relax and attune with our windchimes, essential oil candles, Himalayan salts and meditation CDs. Express your creativity with our artistic tote bags, Buddha Boards and Celtic & nature pendants.

Tinley Park

June 5- 6, 2021

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Tinley Park Convention Center,
18451 Convention Center Drive

Admission $14


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