Chris DeSerio

Room No: 4

Chris DeSerio, Medium & Medical Intuitive
Bradley Beach, NJ

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The Spirit Medium By the Sea through his vision as a psychic, medium, energy healer, medical intuitive, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and teacher of all that he does as practitioner of metaphysics offers you: psychic readings; medical intuitive readings; connections (communication) with your spirit guides for you to more clearly know them and receive advice and direction; contact with other loved ones and higher forces in the Spirit World; understanding your natural abilities and how to better develop and control them; glimpses into past and in-between lives through mediumship for sometimes pure enjoyment whereas at other times to be more aware as to or better confirm what’s happened, happening, and likely going to happen based on these past experiences; spiritual consultations crafted to offer support and knowledge in achieving the better you; question/answer sessions focused on your experiences, the Spirit World, the paranormal, and other areas of wanted information; and being taught/given exercises and practices in areas you wish to further explore/develop. The Spirit Medium By the Sea’s services are all available online/by phone, including hypnosis and psychotherapy.


June 20-21, 2020

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Florida St Fairgrounds, Events Center,
4800 US Hwy 301 North

Admission $12


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