Courtney Walton

Room No: 603

CourtzCrystalsBalls Handmade Globes
Va.Beach, VA

Show Special: Love Light And Unity.


My name is Courtney, I make one of a kind globes with my Mother in Spirit she had an amazing Vision of these Magical Globes during a powerful Meditation in 1989 in Burbank Ca. Created for your imagination. The actual name is Christial Balls, its Mystical Meaning; I use Stones and Gems from around the World. Beautiful Natural Gems, the way Nature intended. Gods World is A Perfect World. Hand Made Snow globes Gem and Crystal Globes. Custom Orders accepted w The Healing Stones you need for Positive Energy. Spiritual Cleansing. Unity w/your soul. Love Joy Vitality and overall wellness. Each order takes 2 weeks. Any Size should be Available, from 2 inches to 7 inches, in Height. Mini size to X-large. Prices start at 24.99 up to 300.00,depending on Gem Quality. I have made over 33,000 globes no two are alike. You can choose Rose Clear Q, Amethyst, Adventurine ,Citrine, Agates, Rhodochrosite, Rubies, Emeralds, Saphires, the list goes on...any other crystals and Gems that go in water. Come visit me and we can discuss your needs whether it be Joy, Love, Focus, any other type of Wellness that will enhance your life and help in the Process of Love, Light, Health and Balance. Greatest Gift for anyone. Courtney@CourtzCrystals.com.I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at The Expo. Copyrights established in 1989.


August 22-23, 2020

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

NC State Fairgrounds, Kerr Scott Building,
1025 Blue Ridge Rd

Admission $12


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