Rein Razer

Room No: 3

Rein Razer - Fae Child Creations
Rock Island, IL

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Fae Child Creations by Rein Razer is pleased to be offering individual Oracle Card reading sessions, as well as Aura readings and Aura Blockage Cleansings at BMSE Milwaukee. For Oracle Card readings, customers have their choice of 5 card, 7 card, or 30 minute reading sessions. Rein's Aura Reading service involves her reading the energy field surrounding you, noticing colors and patterns, and giving you a detailed description of what those colors and patterns can represent in terms of physical, mental, and emotional and spiritual state. She can target blockages and cleanse your aura, leaving you feeling recharged and refreshed.


March 13-14, 2021

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Sheraton Four Points Milwaukee Airport,
5311 South Howell Ave

Admission $12


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