Joshua Bandy

Room No: 36

Full Moon Hypnosis
Cheyenne, WY

Show Special: Social Workers, Counselors, and School Teachers 15$ Off.


At Full Moon Hypnosis you will find resident holistic hypnotist, Joshua Bandy, offering up his healing arts while facilitating transformative change and growth through the art of trancework. Joshua works as a clinical hypnotist in Cheyenne, Wyoming where he enjoys providing holistic environments for his clients to grow and change through. The goal at Full Moon Hypnosis is to provide a holistic hypnosis experience that allows you the opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level, take charge of your destiny, and find a deep and lasting healing along the way. Joshua will be providing past life hypnosis, accessing the akashic record, and hypno-tarot. All three of these hypnotic journeys provide ample opportunity for personal transformation and change work. Past life hypnosis is an opportunity to visit multiple past life experiences. During a past life hypnosis session with Joshua, it will always be your choice as to which life you are visiting. In your holistic past life hypnosis experience, you will have the opportunity to visit many past lives while learning along the way how to bring into your own present life the resources and skills of the past for the purpose of manifesting your own personal healing. Accessing the akashic library: take your journey beyond past lives and enter into the akashic library (that etheric collection of all knowledge and all histories). This journey starts with getting you in touch with your own inner akasha, your own subtle knowing. After accessing your own inner akasha, you will briefly visit your past lives allowing you an opportunity to further get in touch with your true purpose and potential. This experience helps calibrate your intentions before entering into the akashic library. Once there you will have the freedom to access all knowledge and all histories, thus allowing you to take a deeper dive into what it means to be "you" - past, present, future, and beyond. Hypno-tarot has been, by far, the most requested of Joshua’s trance workings. Here he allows you to step into the cards and enter into the tarot-verse, giving you the opportunity to learn and grow, while creating your own transformative experiences. The hypno-tarot experience starts with you exploring your connection to the cards and their deeper meanings for you behind their imagery. After deciding which card you would like to enter, the real fun begins. You will find hypno-tarot a truly personal and unique experience. Bringing your own cards is always welcome.

Fort Collins

May 15-16, 2021

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Ft Collins Hilton - Colorado State Ballroom,
425 W Prospect Rd

Admission $7


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