Carina Edenburg

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Carina Eden Chakra Balance Gels
Mount Pleasant, MI

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Carina Eden Chakra Balance Gels are a set of daily use remedies that help change the unwanted patterns of behavior and promote profound transformation. Each formula is designed to enhance and balance one of the seven main energy centers. Chakra Balance is an artisanal, handmade, alchemic formula consisting of an Aloe Vera gel base with a distinct blend of Essential Oils, Homeopathic & Vibrational Remedies (such as Bach Flowers, Guna, and others), and rich fruit pigments designed for each particular chakra. They are a delightful hydrating formula infused with intelligent, spiritual energy; frequencies of light, sound, color, energetic stones, crystals, and sacred geometry. When used regularly, you will create a special connection with the gel. The use of Carina Eden Chakra Balance Gels can develop a range of benefits that can be incredibly profound. You will feel an emotional, spiritual, intellectual shift and a physical well being; eventually bringing a feeling of balance and harmony to your own life.


November 20-21, 2021

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-7

Sharonville Convention Center,
11355 Chester Rd

Admission $15


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