Pamela Latour

Booth No: 213

Pamela Spiritual Sanctuary
Land O Lakes, FL

A Crash Course in Alchemy

A Crash Course in Alchemy; How to Transform Reality. Here are a few subjects we’ll discuss in this lecture Duality; the power to accept both the light and the shadows in life and to be grateful for both. Release; how do we gain power to change reality by releasing trauma, rejection, neglect, abandonment and lack. The body holds these memories and by letting go of them, we gain the ability to transform our life and heal ourself. Alter the balance of the Universal Force to give us that break, that love, that abundance that we seek. Mirror image; a reminder that we are a reflection of what we imagine and feel inside and how that shows up in our experience because we are creators and finally; How to hold intention as we petition Universal Intelligence to give us the power to create our life. Join us in this journey of transformation.


June 22-23, 2019

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Florida St Fairgrounds, Events Center,
4800 US Hwy 301 North

Admission $12


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