Frannie Dassier

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EnergyWorks Intuitive Healers
Saint Paul, MN

Past life Readings and Q&A

Our past life history is not only fascinating, it truly supports us in releasing the deepest blocks we need to heal in this lifetime, the karma we came to release. Finding out about our past lives can always support us in clearing and healing our physical bodies, mental emotional and spiritual bodies as well as every area of our lives. If there Is an area in your life where you feel stuck it is likely connected to a past life pattern. Learning about past lives also connects us to our past gifts. Many times specialties we've had in different lifetimes will carry over as we remember more of who we are. Master Healer Frannie Dassier of Energyworks Intuitive Healers has been offering energy healing for over a decade. She has led a group past life regression at Present moment herbs and books the 3rd Thursday of each month for the last 4 years. Through her studies she has combined hypnosis and guided channeling and meditation to support others in remembering, seeing, hearing feeling and connecting to past lives. Today we, Frannie and our guides, bring that special treat to you doing on the spot past life readings as well as taking any questions you have on past lives and lives in between such as lives on the heaven realm. We will also discuss how we both heal and gain knowledge through past life healing. Frannie is a heart centered Global and Local Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Visionary, and Co-Creator of EnergyWorks! Intuitive Healers with her sister Nadine Dassier. Their mission is to make energy healing, angelic communication, and spiritual practice accessible to everyone.


November 16-17, 2019

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Earle Brown Heritage Center,
6155 Earle Brown Dr

Admission $12


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