Chris DeSerio

Booth No: 23

Chris DeSerio, Medium & Medical Intuitive
Bradley Beach, NJ

Advice from You & Spirit World

Have you had trouble making decisions, speaking your mind at the right time, problem-solving, or simply seeing ways forward? Most of you will say ‘yes,’ and if so, come find out about some methods that help turn negative and unwanted experiences into positive success stories. Whether it’s better understanding and using your own inner resources that allow you to feel out or simply know the better choice to make or connecting with those in the Spirit World (loved ones, archangels, spirit guides, nature spirits, and other higher forces to name a few), Chris shares some of his tips and experiences so that you can better and more consistently gain the many benefits that’re right there for your taking in enhancing your own ability to receive such useful information and direction. Chris DeSerio, The Spirit Medium By the Sea, is a medium, psychic, healer, and expert in the paranormal that teaches all that he knows and practices.


August 22-23, 2020

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

NC State Fairgrounds, Kerr Scott Building,
1025 Blue Ridge Rd

Admission $12


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