Britnie Hurd

Booth No: 74

Jove Institute
Lakewood, CO

5 Uncharted Secrets to Success Post COVID-19

The Saturn Pluto conjunction January 12, 2020, in the sign of Capricorn was the Astrological configuration that manifested the COVID-19 Pandemic. Britnie shares what life was like before and after the last time this conjunction of Saturn Pluto happened in Capricorn back in 1518 - the time of Henry VIII. Envision the differences between life for everyday people from back then up to now. Dive into what the future holds for us in the U.S; What will life look like after these energies have fully echoed out? What does this mean for you? How can you take advantage of these uncertain times?


March 19-21, 2021

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center,
15500 E 40th Ave

Admission $8


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