Julia Rain Jeys

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WitchCat’s Inner Dimensional DreamWalk

WitchCat’s Inner Dimensional DreamWalk Plumb your inner depths as you swim through cosmic seas, meeting other you's, flowing through the river of the timeless. WitchCat will lead you on a Dreamwalk through a landscape that stirs something within you, something that makes you hurry down the path and into the image before you. There will be many images available to get lost in. I will bring Oracle and Tarot decks to stir your dreamscapes. Learn how to use symbols and images to create your own personal dream landscape to explore. This will be an interactive Meditation, and DreamWalking Panel Workshop to discuss your experiences.


April 2- 3, 2022

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Scottish Rite Masonic Center,
6151 H St

Admission $10