Sandy Wilcox

Booth No: 105

Our Sacred Connections, LLC.
Fishers, IN

Crystals: Change Your Vibration, Change Your Life

Our Sacred Connections was born through the realization that we are all ONE. The Divine Life Force that inhabits our body is one with the Divine Life Force that created all and is all. We are “Connected” to each other through a magnificent and eternal thread of invisible energy. This thread is the conduit that enables us to give and receive energy and information both from each other and from all of Nature. The Crystal Beings of Light that we sell are a perfect source of the Divine Life Force Energy. They facilitate, gently unblock, and pave the way for our communication with the Spirit of Life.


November 20-21, 2021

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-7

Sharonville Convention Center,
11355 Chester Rd

Admission $15


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