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By using this website or purchasing products or services from us, you agree to these terms and conditions. Please make sure you read this section carefully and understand the terms of conditions outlined herein.

  • Set Up and Show Times: Set up will be on Saturday 8 AM unless stated otherwise in your final letter. Public hours are Saturday 10am-7pm, and Sunday, 11am-6pm unless stated otherwise in your final letter. Tear down 6-9pm Sunday.
  • Marketed Goods & Services: All products, equipment, or services to be sold, offered, or marketed in any way during the expo must include clear pricing. Reader booths may not sell products. Promoter reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any product, company brand or service, and Promoter`s judgement shall be final and binding. No booth may have more than one reader at a time. No food or food samples shall be given away or sold unless approved by sponsor.
  • Booth Provisions: Promoter will provide a booth space, sized according to your purchase. Booth may include an uncovered banquet table and chairs for a Retail booth, no tables for Reader booths. Show management reserves the right to change or move booth locations if deemed necessary.

  • Security and Risk of Loss: Although Promoter will endeavor to provide basic security during the Expo, Promoter is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen goods equipment, or personal property. Exhibitors are advised to carry their own property and casualty insurance to cover losses from whatever source.

  • Exhibitor`s Financial Responsibility: Exhibitor is financially responsible for any damage caused to booths, decorations, Exhibit Hall property and any injuries and damages to third persons or their property that is caused by or originates in exhibitor`s booth or through exhibitor`s action. Third persons include, but are not limited to, business guests, invitees, others in attendance at Expo, other exhibitors, show staff, and any other persons at the Expo. Exhibitor shall protect Promoter from all such claims, defend the Promoter from such claims, and hold the Promoter harmless from all such claims and the expenses thereof including the costs and attorney fees incurred in defending such claims, and shall pay all such claims for which any legal liability is established.

  • Comply with Rules: Exhibitors will comply with all Exhibit Hall and show rules when and where they apply, and shall, confine exhibitor`s activities including sound and odors to exhibitor`s booth and the booths immediate surroundings.

  • Smoking Prohibited: Smoking is not permitted in the Exhibit Hall, nor is the burning of candles, incense, sage or any other material.

  • Compliance with Laws: Exhibitor will abide by all Federal, State, and City laws pertaining to fire, safety, and behavior. (All booth materials and covers must be flame retardant). Exhibitors are responsible for meeting all City/State taxation, resale, licensing, and Health Department requirements.

  • Behavior: Exhibitors agree to conduct themselves in a respectful, cooperative manner appropriate to the integrity of the attendees, fellow exhibitors, and show management staff.

  • Risk of Loss for Unavoidable Cancellation or Termination: Exhibitors bear risk of loss through show cancellation or termination for which the Sponsor bears no responsibility. In the event that any outside force, beyond the Promoters control, cancels the Expo or prevents it from taking place or continuing, such as, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of civil disobedience or terrorism, acts of war or work stoppage, the Promoter reserves the right to retain payments made by the Exhibitors to defray all Promoter`s expenses and losses.

  • Prepayment of Fees: Any booth fee not paid in full at least 45 days before the show begins will require payment in full and result in the collection of an additional late fee of $35 before set up will be allowed. Partial prepayment fees shall be forfeited as liquidated damages if the full payment of fees is not made by show time set up as exact damages may be hard or impossible to calculate.

  • Manning Booth: BMSE expects that the exhibitor will have personnel in the booth throughout the expo hours. No early teardown should take place.
  • Important Note: All booth sales are final and no refunds will be given if the exhibitor cancels or if the expo is rescheduled, moved or cancelled.
  • Show Management Decisions Binding: Any decisions concerning the operation of the Expo, conduct at the booths and in the aisles, including but not limited to appropriateness of dress and behavior, not otherwise covered by these rules is subject to the sole decision of the Promoter.

  • Terms Extend to Future Exhibits and Shows: Those Exhibitors who may participate in any future show or other expo of the Sponsor: Should you not have signed a subsequent contract for that Expo, you herewith agree to abide by, and be bound by these rules, terms and conditions in your participation in all future shows and Expos of this Promoter.

  • Violation Consequences: Violation of any of these terms and conditions or rules made by the Promoter in accordance with this contract may subject the Exhibitor to immediate expulsion from the Expo, and the Exhibitor`s property may immediately be removed at the Exhibitor`s expense, and the Exhibitor shall forfeit all payments made under the contract all at the sole and exclusive discretion of the sponsor and Exhibitor shall not be relieved of any other liabilities and responsibilities under the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • We are no longer accepting Aura Photography for vendor booths in Denver or Colorado Springs. By purchasing a booth, you are agreeing that you will not be participating in aura photography in any way. BMSE reserves the right to review the services that you are offering and may ask you to discontinue use of equipment that BMSE deems as aura photography.
  • NO REFUNDS: There are no refunds on booth purchases.

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