Steve Strickland

Founder and Promotor

Steve was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Beloit College with a BA degree in Philosophy. A lifelong love of the metaphysical led him to create Body Mind Spirit Expos in the mid 1980's. These days he plans out the overall direction of the company and often manages individual expos. Away from work you will find him researching "new science topics" or playing yet another computer role playing game.

Megan Mitchell

Box Office Manager

Megan received her Ph.D in Anglo Irish Literature from University College Dublin in 1993. She works countless hours on every aspect of BMSE. You will see her managing many expos around the country. When away from work she lives as a "book monster" and consumes nearly every fantasy and sci-fi novel in sight.

Marcella Goodman

Stage Manager

Marcella leads our efforts at keeping the performance train running on time. You will find her ensuring the schedule goes off without a hitch. She brings a sense of humor and calm to the very hectic world of the first hour of a festival. Equally at home in the garden or on a Harley, Marcella has always been a favorite with exhibitors and the public.

Abe no Seimei

Enlightened Master

Shih Tzu Extraordinaire

Naomi Forkash

Customer Engagement

An avid gardener, Naomi enjoys keeping up with her backyard chickens and growing organic veggies. A typical day off will find her hiking, biking or running amok with her husband and 2 adorable dogs.

Arvind Purohit

System Technical Support

Website management

Fabiola Orozco Zelaya

Booking Manager

Fabiola loves to see life as simple as it is. She identifies herself with the Sanskrit word Dharma, a nature’s warrior; she will kindly help you with any detail, so you feel content with the BMSE Expo. She received her title in Communication and Publicity at Metropolitan University in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and have worked for development of the consciousness trough the art of communications, to be better beings. When she is not helping with the events, she will be teaching yoga, tango or belly dance, a very active nymph full of love to share!

Alexandra Amaya

Vendor Village Sales

Ali has worked with us since she turned 15. These days she oversees all sales to exhibitors and maintains the quality and diversity of the village that has grown to be the standard for holistic events.