Don Schulz

Room No: 414

The Different Drum
Citrus Heights, CA

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Those first drums were crude, lopsided, a bit askew, but… That sound. No, I stand corrected. Not sound. Feeling. It went clear to my bones, unlocking memories of past lives, visions of unknown places and peoples, connecting me with Spirit in a way I’d never experienced before. The simplicity of nothing more than wood and hide, intertwined in such a way that it transcended itself was actually, well, spiritual. So I listened to the drums. I communed with them. I asked them what they wanted. Oh, the visions they gave me! I spoke with drum makers in my dreams and in the ethereal and a single, simple command came back. Let the drums be what they want to be. Don’t force them. Let each have it’s own voice, it’s own personality. I’m no longer a maker of drums. I’m a guide. Join me on my journey.


April 2- 3, 2022

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Scottish Rite Masonic Center,
6151 H St

Daily Admission $10
Weekend Admission $12