Julianna sauber

Room No: 25

Whole Body Renewal
Three Rivers, MI

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Show Special: 20 minute healing sessions for $30 Free aura or resonance scan and 12 minutes frequency balance..


We’re excited to introduce you to breakthrough quantum frequency healing wearable technology and find your emotional and energetic freedom and connection to ancestry. True healing begins with transmuting ancestral and emotional trauma to life force energy. Two energy healers will be present to support your needs with 20 minute sessions to clear the interferences that we read in your energy field that’s ready for you to transmute into love. Schedule your appointment in advance for the best opportunity to get time with our healers. Quantum Frequency Healing IS the future of medicine, and you can get it now. Experience the amazing accuracies and transformation by having a resonance or aura scan done, and frequency transmitted into your information field.


November 20-21, 2021

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-7

Sharonville Convention Center,
11355 Chester Rd

Admission $15


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