Michael Smith

Room No: 422

PAL International, LLC
Warrenville, IL

Show Special: $99. Wellness Special on SS Original and Mini Quantum Power Pendants.


The hand crafted Genuine Quantum Power Pendants may instantly enhance your body’s energy field to harmonize your physical and emotional body while re-connecting you to the earth to reduce pain, feel more grounded and re-energized with a new sense of balance and well-being. Your body craves living mineral frequencies to function better! In today’s world, most everyone is “mineral deficient” therefore, by wearing the GQ Power Pendant, your body may instantly recognize and utilize the natural wave, living frequencies to empower your body, mind and spirit to energetically enhance and harmonize your life everyday and they work great for pets too! The secret formula inside each Genuine Quantum Power Pendant is hand-packed with living minerals, healing stones and crystal elements that originate from several continents around the world to create the natural, earth-wave quantum frequencies that may enhance your body’s energy field to re-connect you to the earth to ground and better manage your personal energy field from harmful EMF’s (electro-magnetic fields) and cellular radiation from smart meters and cell towers. Each pendant is crafted from hand polished stainless stee...

Tinley Park

June 4- 5, 2022

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Tinley Park Convention Center,
18451 Convention Center Drive

Admission $15


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