Brittany Hogan

Room No: 304

Nefertem Holistic Skincare
Park Forest, IL

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Nefertem is an independent, family-owned, intention skincare company whose mission is to cultivate a positive shift in consciousness by inspiring daily reflection and growth. Nefertem was birthed out of the idea that supporting the mental, emotional and spiritual journey of others daily would gradually lead to a positive change worldwide. Nefertem products are intentional from conception to creation to sending off with love. Raw ingredients undergo a purification ceremony to ensure the highest vibrational quality possible. Products are surrounded by crystals, good vibes and curative music to activate and enliven their potential. Finally, guided by the essence of pure love and light, each product is divinely blessed to bring growth and healing to all.

Tinley Park

June 4- 5, 2022

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Tinley Park Convention Center,
18451 Convention Center Drive

Admission $15


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