Lisa Reining

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Lisa's Energy Healing
Friendship, WI

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Animal Communication is a great way to get to know your pet a little better. I'll be able to help you with any concerns or issues that you're having, wether it be moving to a new location or if they are in transition to the next life. Akashic Reading can raise your vibration and allow your soul to have a voice. It is a powerful way to lift you up and assists you in your life journey. I can help you figure out what that is. Reiki and Animal Reiki can help you and or your pet to be more grounded. I can help you clear your energy pathways to be happier and healthier. I also offer Priestesses of the New Earth Oracle Card Readings that can help you by fulfilling your intention. Medium Readings We are all connected and this connection does not leave when our loved ones transition to the other side. In many cases the connection becomes stronger. Spirits love speaking with us and would like to help us in our lives. A mediumship session offers not only a chance to speak with someone who has transitioned over, but may also provide clarity, healing, and an overall sense of peace.

Tinley Park

June 4- 5, 2022

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Tinley Park Convention Center,
18451 Convention Center Drive

Admission $15


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