Danette Fuller

Room No: 420

Intuitive Synergy with Danette Fuller
Delaware, OH

Show Special: Mini Chakra Energy Reading.


As a Neuro Emotional Healthcare Practitioner and Certified Medical Intuitive, I focus on a holistic approach in restoring you to your original blue print. All of our readings will lift your Soul and Spirit with Love and Light. The deeper energy work (energy medicine) we offer will help you transform from the inside out. We work with your energy and body systems as we assist and guide you in your individualized process of removing the toxic energy. We then follow it up with restoring the life giving energy of vitality "Chi". The processes we use will help you to step into "thriving" in life instead of surviving. Our heart for you is to see you move into your original blueprint, your destiny.


September 10-11, 2022

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Ohio Expo Center Kasich Hall,
717 East 17th Avenue

Admission $13


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