Joe Alberto

Room No: 140

Solasta Wellness Center
Colorado Springs, CO

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A new Holistic healing center is coming on the east side of Colorado Springs bringing you a heartfelt experience as you discover and re-awaken to the natural side of self-care. We bring many years of experience and wisdom in the healing arts including many forms of bodywork, meditation, energy work, aromatherapy, sound therapies and now introducing Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy in the form of a Salt Booth and a Bio Mat to help your body detoxify and purge the stresses that today’s lifestyle bring in such abundance. We offer instruction in the way of weekend workshops and classes to help you learn about the nurturing and beneficial effects of aromatherapy. The self help and do it yourself kits you take home will solidify the learning you receive in these workshops.

Colorado Springs

April 1- 3, 2022

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Colorado Springs Event Center,
3960 Palmer Park Blvd

Daily Admission $7
Weekend Admission $15


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