Booth #1

Intuitive Readings by Lorrie

Lorrie Urbaniak

Intuitive Guidance and Energy Healing

Booth #2

Ask Eve Stevens Feng shui life coach

Eve Stevens

Feng shui life coach psychic reader and healer intuitive psychic counselor

Booth #3

Nancy Blackmore

Nancy Blackmore

Psychic, Medium, Tarot, Palmistry

Booth #4

Eye of the Wise Mind Tarot

Amy Franks

Tarot Readings

Booth #5

Dan Liss

Dan Liss

Booth #6

Heaven Connections

Jimena Yantorno

ChakraDNA clearing, Massage, readings,

Booth #7

RoseAnne Pontillo

RoseAnne Pontillo

Oracle and Tarot Intuitive Readings by RoseAnne

Booth #8

Chong’s Holistic Healing/Coaching

Chong Bhakti

Holographic Healing & Coaching

Booth #9

Esoteric Echoes

Stephen Ulrich

Booth #10

Luna Float Spa

Sultan Salah

Booth #11

Robin Rakoff

Robin Rakoff

Clairvoyant, Angelic Channeled Readings, Numerology

Booth #12

Earth Feather Healings

Melissa Windell

Psychic, Medium, Healer, and Psychic School Teache

Booth #13

Guidance by Sylvia

Sylvia Schyberg

Guidance, Healing, Reading

Booth #14

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Christina Freshman

Releasing Emotional Baggage, Foot Reflexology

Booth #15

Your Happi Medium

Clementina Jimenez

Your Happi Medium Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master

Booth #16

Ms Katie's Pathways

Katie Gray

Tarot readings/Angelic Affirmations

Booth #17

Jerri Doran

Jerri Doran

Aura/Chakra Healing & Balancing.

Booth #18

Infinite Light Services

Sheri Lyn Stepp

Spiritual Intuitive Medium

Booth #19

Sacred Space Therapeutics

Amanda Farrell

Sacred Space Therapeutics

Booth #21

Coffee Angels

Catrene Payan/Heather McCormick Rimey

Booth #22

Pharos Apothecary

Bernice Gonzalez

5D Energy Healing and Intuitive Tarot Readings

Booth #23

Harmonious Hearts Healing

Scott Bonynge

Shamanic & Chakra Work, Reflexology, Earseeding

Booth #24

Aquarius Wellness Institute

Charlotte Clark

Healer, Massage and message

Booth #25

Rachel Peoples

Life's Joyful Magic

Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings

Booth #26

Crystal Blue Oracle

Valerie J Trujillo

Medium, Oracle Card Reader, Empath, healer

Booth #27

Cosmic Hart

Rose Hart

Psychic Medium

Booth #28

Centerpoint Healing Services, Inc

Christine Frey

Shamanic Energy Reiki Healing

Booth #29

Lindsey Morgan Scott

Lindsey Morgan Scott

Booth #30

Bravely Authentic, LLC

Bobbie Yarbrough

Intuitive Guidance Readings and Energy Healing

Booth #31

Springs Integrated Health

Dr. Tiffany Graham

Everything Aligns When You Do

Booth #32

Topaz Tarot

Amber Melvin

Tarot Reader Empath

Booth #33

Infinite Love Mentoring with Tabbie

Tabbie Thew

Channeled Messages from Spirit and Energy Healing

Booth #34

Imagine Miracles

Vince & Mary Kramer

Channeling Divine Guidance by Vince Kramer

Booth #35

Spirit Guide Personified

Julie and Vix Strong

Spirit Guide Communicators

Booth #36


Catherine Schendzielos


Booth #37

Carolyn Shares, LLC

Carolyn Mackey

Transformational Intuitive Readings

Booth #38

Richard Hartnett

Richard Hartnett

Spiritual Counselor, Tarot, Dream Interpretation

Booth #39

John Graham

John Graham

Tarot, Palmistry, Runes

Booth #40

Lacey King

Lacey King

Tarot Readings by Lacey King

Booth #41

Peak Pathways to Healing

Barbara Tharp

Muscle test-answers from the sub-conscious mind

Booth #42

WHR Healing

Veronica Greaney

Readings by Roni

Booth #43

Deb Brallier

Deb Brallier

Deb Brallier Intuitive Advisor and Psychic

Booth #44

Kandice Seacy, Shamanic Practitioner

Kandice Moss Seacy

Kuraq Akulleq, Shamanic Practitioner

Booth #102

Modern Kitchen Witch

Leianna Haas

Herbs, oils, candles and more

Booth #104

Passanante's Home Food Services

Alison Mark

Home Food Delivery Service

Booth #106

Live Ultimate

Hailey Pedrera

Booth #108


Veronica Hammer

LED light therapy device and skin care

Booth #110

Humble Warrior

Rusty Champagne

Booth #116


Dennis Woods

Products for a Healthier Way of Life and Beautiful Jade jewelry

Booth #117


Savannah Gross

Booth #118


Dr. Ravi Ratan

Chakra Anointments & Aromatherapy Oils

Booth #119

Mountain Mantra

Erika Schmidt

Handmade Jewelry and Art

Booth #120

Ragana's Hut


Artisanal Witchy Finds for All Occasions

Booth #121

Young Living Essential Oils

Theresa Moss and Deana Williams

Young Living Essential Oils

Booth #122
Booth #123


Veronica Hammer

LED light therapy device and skin care

Booth #124


RuthJoy Fuhr

Jewelry, Accessories & Decor

Booth #125

AURA Activation PORTRAITS ~ Skylark

Carol Skylark

AURA ACTIVATION PORTRAIT HealingReading by Skylark

Booth #126

Tibet Jewel

Tsering Ngodup

Booth #127


John Estrella

Reusable, Multi-Purpose Gel Pack

Booth #129

The House of Stewart

Madison Stewart

House of Stewart Good Things For The Inside & Out

Booth #130

Mirdus Tinctures and Teas

Jennifer Woody

Booth #131
Booth #132

Radiant Divine Frequencies

Martha Judith

Intuitive Channel & Healer | Aromatherapy Sprays

Booth #133

Mutt Masters

Nannette Gracin

Booth #134

Bio-energetic Jewelry

Claudia L Diltz

Energy Therapy Jewelry

Booth #135

Hearten Creations

Sheila Ebbitt

Unique gemstone creations to inspire you.

Booth #136

Natures Way

Ronnie Lavin

Aroma Therapy Herbal Packs

Booth #137

Anise Designs

Hayley Danos

Ethereal Art and Illustrations

Booth #138

Renewal By Andersen

Kendra Knuppel

Renewal by Andersen

Booth #139


Ayat Adawi

Putting Yourself First; Finallly

Booth #140

BirgitCare, Center for Iridology

Birgit Lueders

Iridology Readings, Iridology Course information

Booth #141

Luna Bliss LLC

Brittany Valdez

Holistic Products for the mind, body and soul.

Booth #143

Pollinator Chocolate company

Mark Burrows

Single Origin, two ingredient chocolate

Booth #144

Balance Chiropractic

Holly Manuel

Foundational Chiropractor in Colorado Springs

Booth #147

Good Karma Products Incorporated

Peter Tarasevich

Artisanal products made in the USA and silver

Booth #151

Henna Designs, Prayers To Wear

Renu Lal

Prayers to Wear

Booth #152

Kim Conrad

Kim Conrad

Victorian and Semi-Precious Jewelry and More!

Booth #153

Good Juju Company

Patricia Robb

Energetic Clothing & Accessories to heal your spir

Booth #154

Farmhouse Flair

SaraBeth Hammond

Handmade Spa Products

Booth #156

Pegasus Gems

lori margotta

Unique Crystals

Booth #157

Crystal Haven


Healing Crystals and Jewelry

Booth #158


Lilliann Duran

Booth #159


Erdal Karabacak

Hi-Tech Massage Products

Booth #160

Reiki with Jane Terese

Jane Gustafson

Intuitive Healing Reiki

Booth #161

Oyate Herbals

Tammie Lowell

Organic Native American Health & Beauty Products

Booth #162


Seonah Farensena

Booth #163

Nanina Ra Healing Arts

Nanina Ra

Herbal Scrubs, Bath Salts

Booth #165

Spiritual Handmade Jewelry

Sandra Evans

Spiritual Handmade Jewelry

Booth #167

Ameritech Windows

Victoria Page

Replacement Windows and Doors

Booth #169

Thai Temple Treasures

Megan Mitchell

Thai Macrame Jewelry

Booth #171

Faery Grove

Brittany Thornton


Booth #173


Seonah Farensena

Booth #200

Inner Light Aura Photos

Naomi Forkash

Aura Photography and more


Colorado Springs

April 16-18, 2021

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Colorado Springs Event Center,
3960 Palmer Park Blvd

Admission $7