Booth #1

Your Guided Life

Sondra Asa

psychic medium

Booth #2


Diane Brennan

Bodyworker, Releases Chronic Tension

Booth #3

Stargate Enterprises

Babette Champlin

Goddess Garments, Astrology, Holistic Health

Booth #4

White Candle

Brianna Dickson

Booth #5

Dan Liss

Dan Liss

Booth #6

Dhyana Eagleton

Dhyana Eagleton

Psychic Reader, Master Healer

Booth #7

Ancestral Eye Reading by Irigenics

Amy Gillespie

Ancestral Eye Reading by Irigenics

Booth #8

Deb Brallier

Deb Brallier

Deb Brallier Intuitive Advisor and Psychic

Booth #9

Soul Essence Wellness Center, LLC

Alexandra Hawes

Psychic Readings, Energy Healings & Mediumship

Booth #10

Chong’s Holistic Healing/Coaching

Chong Bhakti

Holographic Healing & Coaching

Booth #11

Whispering Leaf Psychic

Montana Greene

Psychic Medium Tarot Oracle

Booth #12

Eye of Taurus Tarot

Theresa Servin

Booth #13

Dreamscape Escape

Dreamscape Escape

Booth #14

Reconnect Chiropractic

Deanna Allegar

Chiropractic education materials

Booth #15

WHR Healing

Veronica Greaney

Readings by Roni

Booth #16

Richelle Marie, Spiritual Transformatio

Richelle Kemper

Richelle Marie, Spiritual Transformation Coach

Booth #17

Lindsey Morgan Scott

Lindsey Morgan Scott

Booth #18

Sally Taylor

Sally Taylor

Holistic Intuitive Tarot Reading

Booth #19

Sensitive Soul Fine Arts LLC

Cassandra Gelmanovich

Energy Portraits and Spiritual Artwork

Booth #20

Soul Readings by Arlene

Arlene Cohen Miller


Booth #101

Alice Cook

Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft Tools and Supplies

Booth #102

Morgana's Closet

Mary Jo Taylor

Booth #103


Savannah Gross

Booth #104


Vera Avrasin

Get Healthier, Rejuventated Skin

Booth #105

Love Energy Clothing

Joanna Money

Love Energy Clothing

Booth #106

Luna Bliss LLC

Brittany Valdez

Holistic Products for the mind, body and soul.

Booth #107

Passanante's Home Food Services

Alison Mark

Home Food Delivery Service

Booth #108

pegasus gems

lori margotta

Unique Crystals

Booth #109

Ameritech Windows

Victoria Page

Replacement Windows and Doors

Booth #110

Sweet Foraged Things

Joseph Marti

Booth #111

Spiritual Handmade Jewelry

Sandra Evans

Spiritual Handmade Jewelry

Booth #112

Aura Photos by Judy

Judy Lekic

Aura Photography

Booth #113

Young Living - Gifts of Oil

Theresa Moss

Selling Young Living

Booth #114

Global Travel Network

Scott Nichols

Booth #115
Booth #116


Dr. Ravi Ratan

Chakra Anointments & Aromatherapy Oils

Booth #117

Renewal by Andersen

Kendra Knuppel

Window & Door Replacement

Booth #118

Farmhouse Flair

SaraBeth Hammond

Handmade Spa Products

Booth #119

Lavender Snow LLC

Patricia Ann

Amazing Products Amazing Results!

Booth #120

Audaz Goods

Gnosis Rena Mercado

Booth #121

Joyful Elephant, LLC

Jeff Cannon

Handcrafted journals, jewelry, soap and gifts

Booth #122

Dreamscape Escape

Dreamscape Escape

Booth #123

Studio TJM

Teresa Miller

Handknotted Mala Beads, Chakra Macrame Art

Booth #124

Mother Earth Orgone

John Thompson

Mother Earth Orgone Energy/Children's Books

Booth #21

Rev Gaynol Wapotich

Gaynol Wapotich

Psychic Medium

Booth #22

Henna Designs, Prayers To Wear

Renu Lal

Prayers to Wear

Booth #125

Jimi Designs

Jimi Merk

Natural Healing Jewelry, Shaman

Booth #126

Good Juju Company

Patricia Robb

Energetic Clothing & Accessories to heal your spir

Booth #127
Booth #128

Keyes 2 Wellness

Lisa Keyes

Booth #129

Indian Vedic Palm & Psychic

Lali S. Kakar

Indian Vedic Oracle

Booth #130

Pollinator Chocolate company

Mark Burrows

Single Origin, two ingredient chocolate

Booth #131

Buck Green Horizons


Booth #132

Stellar Embodiment

Stara Luz

Come Play in Our Stellar Toy Box! Gifts & Art!


Fort Collins

November 7- 8, 2020

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Ft Collins Hilton - Colorado State Ballroom,
425 W Prospect Rd

Admission $7


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