Booth #1

Spiritual Psychic Polly

Polly Burkhimer

Past lives, Spirit Guides/Angels

Booth #2

Carolyn Hill Intuitive Card Reader

Carolyn Hill

Intuitive Card Readings

Booth #3

The Medium at Large

F. Michael Hogan

Card reader, medium, intutive readings

Booth #5

Woo Woo and the Coach

Stephanie Sames

Woo Woo and the Coach Energetic Intuitive Coaching

Booth #6

The Spiritual Connector


Pure energetic intention and connection

Booth #8

Maggie Moon Tarot

Maggie Lukowski

Tarot-Tea Card-Bone Throwing-Numerology-Angel Msgs

Booth #9

Deborah Richmond Foulkes

Everyone can communicate with Spirit!

Booth #10

Psychic Medium Vickie Gay

Vickie Gay

Psychic Medium voted world’s best

Booth #11

Sharon Sampsel

Sharon Sampsel

Psychic Sharon Sampsel!

Booth #12

Omar's Touch Therapy


Whole Life Liberating Transformations

Booth #13

Being Reasonable Podcast

Mark Solomon

Being Reasonable, Belief Podcast

Booth #14

Psychic Medium Elly Walker

Elly Walker

Psychic Medium Readings

Booth #18

European Psychic Lai

Lai Ubberud

Past Lives & Psychic Readings

Booth #19

A New U Healing

A New U Massage

putting U back in YOU

Booth #20

Henna Designs, Prayers To Wear

Renu Lal

Prayers to Wear

Booth #21

Robin Eatman-Psychic/Medium

Robin Eatman-Psychic Medium

Robin Eatman - Psychic Medium

Booth #22

Divine Magic 223 ~Tarot Card Reader

Divine Magic 223 (Tarot Card Reader)

Divine Magic 223 Tarot Card Reader

Booth #25

Cinnamon Mancini, Spiritual Medium

Cinnamon Mancini

Spiritualist Medium

Booth #26

Inner Eye Connections

Patty Horton

Medium Patty Horton

Booth #29

Marcella Coaching

Marcella Webster

Soul Coaching by Marcella

Booth #30

The Lady of the Lake Medium

Patricia Valentine

Medium, Spirit Guide Contacts, Psychic

Booth #31

Heather Richardson Healing

Heather Richardson

Healing and Wellness Consultant

Booth #33

Appalachia Gypsy Healing Arts

Alisha Radford

Energy healing and TBA frequency based remedies

Booth #35

Readings by Dino

Dino Calabrese

Intuitive Life Counselor Psychic/Medium

Booth #38

Passion Healings LLC

Dr. Divya Vani Sadaram

Physician, Medical Intuitive & Holistic Healer

Booth #40

The Astral Connection

Betsy Lambert

Release Emotional Baggage Here

Booth #101

Farmhouse Flair

SaraBeth Hammond

Handmade Spa Products

Booth #102

The Code Journey

Jesse An Nichols George

The Code Journey - maneuvering life on Earth

Booth #103
Booth #104

Smart A-Z Minerals


Liquid Minerals!

Booth #106

Living Well Balanced

Dr. Ankur Prakash

A Wellness Center like no other!

Booth #107

Living Well Balanced

Dr. Ankur Prakash

A Wellness Center like no other!

Booth #108

Living Well Balanced

Dr. Ankur Prakash

A Wellness Center like no other!

Booth #109

Relax Saunas

Phil Wilson

Relax Saunas & Lamps

Booth #110
Booth #200

Unique Art & Design LLC

Unique Art & Design LLC

Unique Art & Craft - Handmade Products

Booth #201



Reiki Infused Intention Based Skincare & wellness

Booth #203

Allens Gems and Rocks

allen gibbs

Allens Gems and Rocks

Booth #204

Indian Vedic Palm & Psychic

Lali S. Kakar

Indian Vedic Oracle

Booth #205

Color My Spirit Wellness

Color My Spirit Wellness

Readings, Fairy Hairy, Energy Work, Rocks & Gift

Booth #206

Color My Spirit Wellness

Color My Spirit Wellness

Readings, Fairy Hairy, Energy Work, Rocks & Gift

Booth #233


Kamil Czubacki

Thera Wellness Device and Biofeedback scans.

Booth #234



Life-changing Tools to Transform Your Life

Booth #235


Dr. Ravi Ratan

Chakra Anointments & Aromatherapy Oils

Booth #237

Phoenix Revolution Press

Becky Wofford-Waehner

From the Spirituous to the Spiritual

Booth #238

Total U

Wayne Bailey

copper/crystal jewelry, orgonites, stones, art&oil

Booth #239

Compass Weight Loss

Dr. Cheryl Hanly

Compass Weight Loss, LLC

Booth #240

Master Jungian Astrologer

Dr. John Wessels, M.B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.

Jungian Archetype Psychological Astrologer

Booth #301

Dharma's Love

Erica-ann Petersohn

Psychic Medium/Trance Reiki Classes Sage Oils++++

Booth #303

Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations

Stephanie Clarke

Crystal Healers Handmade Jewelry

Booth #306

Shumei America

Bobby Okuda

Shumei, Health, Happiness, Harmony

Booth #307

Goddess Sage Wands

Aleathia Williams

Booth #308

New York's Divine Channel, Camille Conti

Camille Conti

Divine Channel Readings, Healings & Organic Beauty

Booth #335

Mother Earth Orgone

John Thompson

Mother Earth Orgone Energy/Children's Books

Booth #337

Shelly's Traveling Rock Shop


Shelly's Rock Shop

Booth #339

Aura Photos by Judy

Judy Lekic

Aura Photography

Booth #340

Revolution Chiropractic

Jason Hanba

Discover the Healing Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Booth #341

Cynful Hands Designs

Cynetta Mitchell

All natural body and hair care

Booth #342


Doug Hoppes


Booth #401

Create Your Dreams Shaman Training

Chris Krohn

Shamanic Healing and Training

Booth #402

In the Healing LIght

Roland Walters

In the Healing LIght

Booth #403

Sol Joy Spiritual Supply Shoppe

Sol Joy

Spiritual Supply Shoppe

Booth #404

Silver Moon Reiki

Todd Hankinson

Energy healing; energy infused crystals & charms

Booth #406

Dolphin Love Readings & Healings

Ruth Ann McDonald

Selling Childrens Books and Glass Necklaces

Booth #407

BirgitCare, Center for Iridology

Birgit Lueders

Iridology Readings, Iridology Course information

Booth #408

432 Jewelry by Loofah Bay LLC

Raymond Chapman

Hand Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry

Booth #437

OM Botanical Best Organic Skin Care

Sudhir M. Shah

Best Organic Skin Care

Booth #439

Remnants of Magic

Matthew Sullivan

Wire Wrapped Pendants/Rings, Power bracelets/More

Booth #440

Ash's Gems

Ashton Douthart

Booth #441

Ash's Gems

Ashton Douthart

Booth #442

Dreams of Star Dolphin

Eva Sullivan

Stardolphin Sacred Visionary Art

Booth #501


Tenean Jones

Body butter, bath soak, soap and more

Booth #504

Ravenscroft Escentials Oils

Ginger Ravencroft

Organic High vibrational healing Oils

Booth #506


Jacob Stephens

Gems, minerals and fossils

Booth #536

Psychic Love Counselor


Professional Psychic Counselor/Coach

Booth #537

Advanced Body Scan of Raleigh

Danielle Minnick

Affordable scans, valuable prevention!

Booth #539

Share International SE Region

Ira Palmer

Maitreya, the World Teacher, ready to step forward

Booth #541

The Soul Shepherd

Eileen Strange

Psychic/Medium, Empath Coach & Medical Intuitive

Booth #542

The Soul Shepherd

Eileen Strange

Psychic/Medium, Empath Coach & Medical Intuitive

Booth #601

Essential Zodiac, LLC

Cynthia McNulty

Astrology, Tarot, Chakra and more!

Booth #603

Infinite Treasures,LLC

Naim L. Davis

Booth #604

Complete Wellness Health Center

Michael Borgert

Full Service Health and Wellness Center

Booth #606

Milele Spirit

Mr Jeff

Dream Interpretatin &/or Positive Healing Work

Booth #607

Empower Hypnotics & Wellness Center

Nirmala Madasu

Empower Hypnotics & Wellness Center

Booth #608

Transpersonal Power, LLC

Linda Thunberg

Hypnotherapy, Readings, CDs , Aura Stones

Booth #637

Barrier Island Organics

Mark Welch

Barrier Island Organics

Booth #639

Rustic Passport Studio

Nikki Chhatbar

Handmade and Sustainable Fashion

Booth #641

Treasure Quest Mining

Angeline McInerny

Treasure Quest Mining

Booth #642

Sentient Metaphysical Supplies

Carmen Lopez

Sentient- Metaphysical Supplies



August 21-22, 2021

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

NC State Fairgrounds, Exposition Center,
4285 Trinity Rd

Admission $14


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