Booth #1

WHR Healing

Veronica Greaney

Readings by Roni

Booth #2

Deb Brallier

Deb Brallier

Deb Brallier Intuitive Advisor and Psychic

Booth #3

Nancy Blackmore

Nancy Blackmore

Psychic, Medium, Tarot, Palmistry

Booth #4

Ms Katie's Pathways

Katie Gray

Tarot readings/Angelic Affirmations

Booth #5

Dan Liss

Dan Liss

Psychic Reader and Healer

Booth #6

RoseAnne Pontillo

RoseAnne Pontillo

Oracle and Tarot Intuitive Readings by RoseAnne

Booth #7

Chong’s Holistic Healing/Coaching

Chong Bhakti

Holographic Healing & Coaching

Booth #8

Edgar Cayce Style Past Life/Health Readings

Robert Blond

Past Life & Health Readings

Booth #9

Heaven Connections

Jimena Yantorno

ChakraDNA clearing, Massage, readings,

Booth #10

Spirit Guide Personified

Julie and Vix Strong

Spirit Guide Communicators

Booth #11

Robin Rakoff

Robin Rakoff

Clairvoyant, Angelic Channeled Readings, Numerology

Booth #13

Psychic Medium Sophia


Psychic Medium Sophia

Booth #16

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Christina Freshman

Releasing Emotional Baggage, Foot Reflexology

Booth #22

Heart~Hands~Healings, LLC

D. Lynn Schulz

Intuitive Readings, Clairsentinent, Clairvoyant

Booth #26

Dragonfly Soar

Marilyn Tanner

tarot readings and insights

Booth #31

Harmonious Hearts Healing

Scott Bonynge

Shamanic & Chakra Work, Reflexology, Earseeding

Booth #33

The Soul Style Journal

Anna Maestas

Personal Stylist + Aura Readings

Booth #34

Peak Pathways to Healing

Barbara Tharp

Muscle test-answers from the sub-conscious mind

Booth #35

Readings by Andrea


Medium, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher

Booth #38

Richard Hartnett

Richard Hartnett

Spiritual Counselor, Tarot, Dream Interpretation

Booth #39

The Intuitive Life

Angela Atkinson

Booth #40

Soul Full Wellness

Rian Eizabeth Gufarotti

Wholistic Health Coaching & Grow your own Food

Booth #41

Love & WithStand

Schakara Arrazola-Tiscareno

Reiki Master: 20 min. energy work offerings & more

Booth #42

Spirit Energy Healing

Lorilei L Bourell

Holistic Healing Sessions

Booth #117

The Soul Synergy

Elizabeth McCartney

Synergistic Healing & Divine Connection

Booth #118

Hearten Creations

Sheila Ebbitt

Unique gemstone creations to inspire you.

Booth #119

Freak Chic Studios

Erika Schmidt

Handmade Jewelry and Art

Booth #120

Share International Mountain West

Ron Liggett

New Age Spiritual Thinking

Booth #133

RedHealth LLC

Debbie Hart

RedHealth LLC Revolutionary PEMF Wearables

Booth #134

Aurora Indigo Lights LLC

Lorie Theobald

Crystals & Minerals/Art/Jewelry

Booth #135

Kim Conrad

Kim Conrad

Victorian and Semi-Precious Jewelry and More!

Booth #136

Finvarra's Realm

Morgan Polite Woolf

Booth #141

Love Energy Clothing

Joanna Money

Love Energy Clothing

Booth #143

Keja Designs

Keja Designs Jewelry

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Booth #144

Rogue Ways

Lindsey Scharmyn

Orgone, Tarot, Soul Guidance & Healing, Books

Booth #145

Focus On The Go


Therapeutic body conditioners, jewelry, art & more

Booth #147

Crystal Haven


Healing Crystals and Jewelry

Booth #151

Henna Designs, Prayers To Wear

Renu Lal

Prayers to Wear

Booth #152

Good Juju Company

Patricia Robb

Energetic Clothing & Accessories to heal your spir

Booth #153

Salon de Jyorei

Bobby Okuda

Shumei, Health, Happiness, Harmony

Booth #200

Inner Light Aura Photos

Naomi Forkash

Aura & Chakra Photography & Reports

Booth #137
Booth #138

Yogi Life, LLC

Shannon devanney

Energetic Healings + Metaphysical Shop

Booth #139

Yuthok Tibetan Treasure

Thutop Yuthok

Tibetan Jewelry, Crafts, Buddhist Artifacts

Booth #154

Eckankar-Path of Spiritual Freedom

Bonnie Alexander-Reeves, Ph.D.

ECKANKAR - ECK Wisdom on Life After Death

Booth #173

Inner Light Aura Photos

Naomi Forkash

Aura & Chakra Photography & Reports

Booth #169


Marcia Ward

Jewelry and art wear T-Shirts

Booth #167

AURA Activation PORTRAITS ~ Skylark

Carol Skylark

Aura Portrait Healing Reading

Booth #165


Dr. Ravi Ratan

Chakra Anointments & Aromatherapy Oils

Booth #163

Nanina Ra Healing Arts

Nanina Ra

Herbal Scrubs, Bath Salts

Booth #162

Inner Light Aura Photos

Naomi Forkash

Aura & Chakra Photography & Reports

Booth #161

Renewal By Andersen

Kendra Knuppel

Renewal by Andersen

Booth #158

Kangen® Water with Kristenne

Kristenne Zuzek

Change Your Water - Change Your Life

Booth #156

Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, LLC

Eva C Goulette

Spirituality Programs & Children's Products

Booth #155

Faery Grove

Brittany Thornton

Crystal intention candles, whimsical shaped candles, crystal jewelry, body products, crystals

Booth #14

Centerpoint Healing Services, Inc

Christine Frey

Shamanic Energy Reiki Healing

Booth #15

Ragana's Hut


Discover yourself through a personal Tarot Reading

Booth #12

Two Wings & A Tail

Elisabeth Sontheimer

Booth #44

Rivers Of Health & Wisdom

Heather Shepherd

Sclerologist, Medical Intuitive, Herbologist and M...

Booth #18

Crystal Blue Oracle

Valerie J Trujillo

Medium, Oracle Card Reader, Empath, healer

Booth #27

Imani Heals


Booth #29

Colorado Springs Hypnosis Ltd.

Charles Buckingham

Booth #30

Jerri Doran

Jerri Doran

Aura/Chakra Healing & Balancing.

Booth #36

Full Moon Hypnosis

Joshua Bandy

Full Moon Hypnosis - Holistic Trancework

Booth #37

Infinite Love Mentoring with Tabbie

Tabbie Thew

Channeled Messages from Spirit and Energy Healing

Booth #43

White Light Healing

Jana Alexander

Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive

Booth #102

Colorado Art & Soul

Farryn DesBouillons

Colorado Crafted Holistic Décor

Booth #104


Lilliann Duran

Booth #106


Bridget Eldridge

Local artisan pottery, chimes, and jewelry.

Booth #108
Booth #110

Earth And Star

Nina Kirby

Earth & Star, Crystals, Jewelry, Ceremonial Items

Booth #112

Twistedsage Studios

Brian Besco

Ascension Pyramid booth

Booth #114

The Healing Stone

Miranda L Meza

Booth #116


Dennis Woods

Products for a Healthier Way of Life and Beautiful

Booth #121


RuthJoy Fuhr


Booth #122

Sonya Shannon Visionary Art

Sonya Shannon

Visionary guidance on your life path.

Booth #123

Balance Chiropractic

Holly Manuel

Foundational Chiropractor in Colorado Springs

Booth #124

Pollinator Chocolate company

Mark Burrows

Single Origin, two ingredient chocolate

Booth #125

Satiama Publishing

Barb Horn

Books, audio books, CDs, board game, card de

Booth #126

Real Time Pain Relief

Matthew C Kenney

Booth #127

Chakra Healing llc.

Jasmine Phillips

Chakra healing

Booth #128

Star Bleau

virginia geist

figurines, crystals, jewelry, tapestries,etc

Booth #129


Barbara M Tighe

Candles, incense, spell boxes, syrups, salves

Booth #130

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Holly Miller

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Booth #131

BioMat Store

Sue McShane

Crystal Infrared Therapy

Booth #132

Pulse of Energy Health & Wellness

Pamela Scott

Nutrition Response Testing, heart scan, Emotion Re...

Booth #140

Solasta Wellness Center

Joe Alberto

Holistic self care using Dry Salt Therapy

Booth #142

Oyate Herbals

Tammie Lowell

Organic Native American Health & Beauty Products

Booth #157

Pegasus Gems

lori margotta

Unique Crystals

Booth #159


Halo Marques

Custom jewelry charged with natural frequency

Booth #160

Springs Integrated Health

Dr. Tiffany Graham

Everything Aligns When You Do

Booth #171

Imagine Miracles

Vince & Mary Kramer

High Vibrational Living Products!

Booth #101

Golden Sol CBD

Tiffany Patterson

Organic Colorado Grown CBD Infused with Purpose

Booth #103

Essential Oil Works

Deana Williams

Essential oils can work for you

Booth #105

Conscious Creations, LLC

Nicole Lanton

High Vibe Crystals & Herbal Products

Booth #107

Emerald Orgone

Jessica Brumley

Orgone Devices

Booth #109

Lady Banshees

Jessica Grace

Metaphysical, pagan inspired and witchy wares

Booth #111

Mesa Lavender Farms

Kate Keaney

Health & Wellness Products

Booth #113

The Source H2O

Angela Layman

Booth #201

Susanne's Jewelry

Susanne Ciddio

Precious Stones & Metal Jewelry

Booth #203

Light Alchemy HI

Alysia Marlow Tengan

PandoraStar Lamp, Roxiva Lamp, eForcePlus Jewelry

Booth #205

Enso - Holistic Health

Matthew Craig

Holistic Health and Nutritional Supplementation

Booth #207

Crystal Mikes

Michael Daugherty

Booth #209


Jose alvarez

Native style clothing

Booth #211

PAL International, LLC

Michael Shaman Smith

Genuine Quantum Power Pendant

Booth #213
Booth #215

Embodied Confidence

Tracy Revell

Booth #115

Front Range Creations

Eryn Jackson

Booth #216

Daky native treasure

Roberto Alvarez

Booth #217

Gaias Cosmic Garden

Joe Nelson


Colorado Springs

April 1- 3, 2022

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Colorado Springs Event Center,
3960 Palmer Park Blvd

Daily Admission $7
Weekend Admission $15