Anita Boehm

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Mountain Sage Wellness, Inc.
Golden, CO

Vagus Nerve Health Thru Breathing & Essential Oils

Many of us struggle to feel centered in the midst of global change that feels like utter chaos. The newsfeeds perpetuate fear and unrest; leading people toward feelings of helplessness. While it is important to acknowledge and seek truth about what is going on, navigating these events can be much easier if we give ourselves the space and permission to use practices that help us to just “be” as the chaos dance unfolds around us. Breathwork and clinical aromatherapy are forms of energy medicine practices that facilitate powerful biochemical/physiological shifts in the body that help us access a more centered state of consciousness. Breathwork and essential oils can activate healthy function of the vagus nerve (the main parasympathetic nerve of the body) which is responsible for “rest and relaxation” versus the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for “fight or flight” reactions in the body. In addition to exploring the ancient energy medicine practices of breathwork and essential oils, alchemy secrets from the 16th century will be revealed as they relate to the chaotic changes that we are experiencing at this time. Both breathwork and essential oils are instruments for internal change that can help us create the presence that is critically needed in the quantum field at this time on the planet.


March 19-21, 2021

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center,
15500 E 40th Ave

Admission $8


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