Arlene Cohen Miller

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Soul Readings by Arlene
Longmont, CO

Energy Healing & Psychic Protection

Experience a Healing Journey to help you cleanse, clear and protect your entire energy matrix and 4-body system from negative and imbalanced energies. Learn some basics of 1) how to cut energetic cords, attachments and connections that aren't supporting you and even dragging you down, 2) how to create and maintain a golden bubble of protection with clear and appropriate boundaries of unconditional love and above, and 3) how to work with the transformational energies of the Violet Flame and Refiners Fire. All participants are eligible to receive a supporting handout that explains in more depth what is shared and steps to practice energetic hygiene and psychic protection on your own.

Fort Collins

November 7- 8, 2020

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Ft Collins Hilton - Colorado State Ballroom,
425 W Prospect Rd

Admission $7


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