Amy Gillespie

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Ancestral Eye Reading by Irigenics
Center Cross, VA

Your ancestors waited your whole life for this...

Discover the amazing world of your ancestors, their gifts, talents, history, and traumas. So many of us are having ancestral touch-point moments now, during this no-contact time in our world. If it's weird, unique, bizarre, or unreal, it's probably ancestral. Uncover the stories behind the repeat patterns of your life, and how they relate to your ancestors. Is it really possible to see images of your ancestors in a photograph of your eye? Many people have! Understand how core beliefs have initiated from ancestral traumas and experiences. My-Eye-Mag was a silver award winner as Visionary Product of 2019 by COVR at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver. Get $10 off your personal My Eye Mag or All Ancestral eye readings, by attending this lecture. Discover the Irigenics whole new method of self-discovery of you, your eyes, and your ancestors today and even how to become a certified Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reader, as part of your self-discovery portfolio and business.

Fort Collins

November 7- 8, 2020

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Ft Collins Hilton - Colorado State Ballroom,
425 W Prospect Rd

Admission $7


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