Gnosis Rena Mercado

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Audaz Goods
Fort Collins, CO

Healing Your Inner Child

Join Gnosis Rena Mercado, creator of Audaz Life,, a certified therapeutic Hypnotist as she guides you through an incredible journey to meeting the child that you once were and helping them to heal from whatever is holding you back in your present day. This session will also include a simple breathwork practice that you can easily take with you in your home practice and that will help to ease and calm the mind and prepare it for subconscious healing. Living the AUdaz Life is living a life of courage. Audaz is Spanish word that means BOLD. The Audaz Brand encompasses healing in many ways. Audaz Goods were designed with the intention of an easy and comfortable practice, whether you are new or are a seasoned practitioner. Become Bold, Live Bold, Step into your Adventure with Audaz Retreats coming in 2021!

Fort Collins

November 7- 8, 2020

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Ft Collins Hilton - Colorado State Ballroom,
425 W Prospect Rd

Admission $7


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