Heather Richardson

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Heather Richardson Healing
Cary, NC

Discover the HealHER Within

We all have an inner healer that drives primal and instinctual bodily functions. These happen without conscious effort - breathing, heart pumping, digestion, internal organ functions, wound and bone fracture healing keeping our body in equilibrium. When our equilibrium is disrupted either through physical, spiritual or emotional trauma - in this lifetime or a past life time, internal and external toxins or viruses and pathogens, the inner healing signals can get crossed or are never initiated. Join Heather for this interactive session and discover the secrets about your self-healing abilities that strive to keep your entire ‘whole self’ functioning at peak performance. Learn how to release trapped emotions, traumatic past life soul contracts and gain unconscious congruence for optimal body, mind and spiritual healing. Join this interactive session for a chance to win a free healing session or volunteer to be a live demo recipient.


August 21-22, 2021

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

NC State Fairgrounds, Exposition Center,
4285 Trinity Rd

Admission $14


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