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Tao Soul Healing & Meditation

Tao Soul Healing & Meditation is empowerment from the Heart and Soul. Experience simple practices to transform negative messages in your Chakras, relationships, finances, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. We focus on the Heart & Soul of where the challenge , struggle or pain is originating. The message starts in the Heart & Soul then moves to energy in the body to finally show up in physical form. It shows up as a pain, physical, mental or emotional condition or challenge. Heal your Soul first to allow your body to heal and transform. A recent participant commented: " I came in with a level 8 pain. After the workshop I am wiggling around trying to find where the pain went. I feel I can do cartwheels right now!" Mimi


April 2- 3, 2022

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Scottish Rite Masonic Center,
6151 H St

Daily Admission $10
Weekend Admission $12