Jesse An Nichols George

Booth No: 275

The Code Journey
Bethel, ME

Let Your Challenges Become Your Inspiration

An shares about her experience as a walk-in and her work as a Coding Interpreter. A large part of The Code Journey is about transformation and embracing your own personal journey here on Earth. An discusses how to take a particular look at how our challenges can inspire us on our journey. She talks about how they will serve as an excellent catalyst to building a strong relationship between the human self and Soul Self. An takes questions about being a walk-in, her work as a Coding Interpreter, and general questions that you may have about your own journey and the processes that you are going through.


September 23-25, 2022

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center,
15500 E 40th Ave

Daily Admission $8
Weekend Admission $20


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